Ancient Rome Exhibition


June 8, 2022

9:30 am


- August 7, 2022
4:30 pm





Australian Armour and Artillery Museum Cairns



8 Week Ancient Rome Exhibition

This incredible exhibition brings to life one of the most technologically significant times in the history of mankind and covers an epic period of history, from the triumphant victory of Julius Caesar over the Gaul in 52 BC to the transformation of Rome from a Republic into the mighty Roman Empire.

The Ancient Rome Exhibition will be held over 8 weeks from the 8th June to the 7th August and hosted by the Australian Armour and Artillery Museum Cairns. Please purchase General Admission Tickets to the museum via the button below from the 8th June to the 7th August 2022 and you will receive access to both the Ancient Rome Exhibition as well as the Armour and Artillery Museum.


  • Adult: $27.50
  • Child (5 – 16 years): $16.50
  • Seniors: $20.00
  • Students: $20.00
  • Family Pass (2 Adults, 2 Children): $70.00
  • Family Pass (1 Adults, 3 Children): $60.00


Ancient Rome: The Empire that Shaped the World

Travel 2000 years back in time when massive construction and large scale
technological innovation led to the largest globally-integrated economy the world had ever seen.

Highlights include:

  • Six meters long timeline spanning over 1000 years from Republic to
  • Learn about military strategy, unprecedented logistics and
  • Get up close to gladiator’s armour, swords and shields
  • Discover the secrets of the Colosseum

See many of the objects from the ancient Roman empire that shaped our
modern world, and marvel at their long-lasting legacy:

  • Roman coins, frescoes, mosaics and board games
  • Odometers that accurately calculated distances on land and sea
  • The invention of concrete and the construction of roads still in use 2000 years later
  • Wax writing tablets that were the world’s first books
  • Machines that harnessed the power of water to mill flour and even tell the time
  • Cranes, pulleys and other ingenious engineering equipment used for constructing the Eternal City

Free Resources For Teachers

These educational resources can be used during self-guided visits to the exhibition Ancient Rome: The empire that shaped the world.

Included are suggested classroom activities before and after visiting the exhibition.

More educational materials are available to purchase from the Australian Armour & Artillery Museum including the award-winning booklet Primary Physics: The principles behind Roman Machines.

For more descriptions of the exhibits in Italian visit the Niccolai Group website.

Find out about all the touring exhibitions by the Artisans of Florence International and accompanying educational materials.

School and group discount bookings: (07) 4038 1665.

Tickets available online and at the door.