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We invite you to partner with us

Welcome aboard a journey celebrating and showcasing the flavors of Italian food, culture, family values, history, whilst embracing and involving the entire local community and businesses to participate in one of the most exciting events in the Cairns Calendar.

Set in the beautiful location of Cairns, the Cairns Italian Festival is a bucket-list destination event that will be on the annual event calendar of foodies from around Australia each and every year. The festival provides a unique opportunity for the community to rethink how the Italian story is told in Cairns by delivering a diverse and unique program of activities that are highly engaging and that reignite inter-cultural and inter-generational community connections.

In our first ever Cairns Italian Festival in 2022, we welcomed 20,000 local and interstate attendees across 12 different events with approximately 12,000 people attending our biggest event, La Festa! Based on this success we envisage an even bigger and better Cairns Italian Festival in 2023!

It is with great pleasure that we offer your organisation a valuable opportunity to join with us in becoming a sponsor of the Cairns Italian Festival and to become part of our beautiful family.

Sponsor Benefits

If you are reading this, then we hope that you share our passion of being Italian/Australian! We know that no event comes without the help and generosity from the community. We are asking from the bottom of our hearts and all the past immigrants if you could kindly support in making the Cairns Italian Festival one of the best events in the 2023 calendar. 

Partnering at the Cairns Italian Festival 2023 will provide an excellent opportunity to promote your business, products, and services and to support your brand before, during, and after the event. Sponsor benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Stimulating sales through promotion of the festival
  • Building brand awareness
  • Generating exposure through branding and signage
  • Connecting with a highly engaged audience
  • Providing a platform to launch new products
  • Taking advantage of the marketing and promotional activity around the festival
  • Opportunities to get involved with on-site experiential activations


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We are proud and passionate Australian Italians that want to give Cairns an event that will enrich and engage the community and businesses as one. What an opportunity to showcase Cairns as a holiday destination while enjoying the celebrations of the Cairns Italian Festival!

For more information on becoming a sponsor or partner, please contact sponsorship@cairnsitalianfestival.com.au.