“La Storia”

The Faces of Italian Immigrant

Celebrate your family immigration story in an exclusive 100 pages hard cover book dedicated to the Italian Immigrants

We need to preserve their stories for the history of Australia and for the future young generations, so they will truly understand the hardships and sacrifices experienced by so many Italian Immigrant families.

This will be an incredible piece of memorabilia with so many amazing heartfelt stories to treasure and respect a lifetime of memories.

Create your own piece of family history, we want your family to be part of this historical book
Exclusive to only the first 100 applicants – get in touch with us and have a chat about “La Storia, the faces of Italian immigrants” book.
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The Cairns Italian Foundation Book:
“La Storia”- the Faces of Italian Immigrants

To honour the Inaugural Foundation Sponsors and the history of many Italian families, we will be creating a hardcover Foundation Book. This historical book is in memory of all the Italian families that immigrated to Australia and will comprise of stories and photos of all our Inaugural Foundation Sponsors.

Foundation Sponsors are entitled to a set number of pages based on the sponsor tier selected which will include photos and your immigration story. Get the whole family involved from the grandchildren, parents, grandparents, sisters, and brothers – because their immigration story is one to never forget and to RESPECT. This book will be the talk of your next dinner party and something you can pass down to future generations.

Exclusively only 100 Foundation Sponsors Available

We hope you would love to participate in making sure that all is not forgotten in the years to come! The book will be released by December 2022 and you will be contacted by our committee to submit your story and images after signing on as a Foundation Sponsor.

Do you want your family to be part of “La Storia” – the Faces of Italian Immigration Book?

Get in touch with us to see how this works for you and we will explain in full details what information is required to create your story.

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