Innisfail Spaghetti Competition Entry Form

We are looking for our first Spaghetti-Eating Champion

Get ready to indulge in the ultimate culinary showdown at the highly anticipated Spaghetti Eating Competition as part of the first Innisfail Pasta and Sugo Festa! Join us for an unforgettable experience where fearless food enthusiasts gather to test their voracious appetites and compete for the title of Innisfail Spaghetti-Eating Champion. This thrilling gastronomic spectacle will feature participants from all walks of life, vying to devour mountains of perfectly cooked spaghetti in a race against the clock. With a limited time to showcase their speed, skill, and stomach capacity, contestants will dig in, NO utensils in hand, as they go head-to-head in a battle of gastronomic prowess.

Join us for a celebration of food, competition, and the insatiable quest for spaghetti supremacy. Who will rise to the challenge and claim the crown as the ultimate Spaghetti-Eating Champion? Don’t miss your chance to witness this epic showdown of gastronomic gluttony!”

The Spaghetti Eating competition is held during the Pasta and Sugo Festa, at the Johnstone Shire Hall, Innisfail, on the 23rd of July.

To sign up, fill the form below, or download a printable copy and submit it at enquiries@cairnsitalianfestival.com.au.

You must enter prior to the 19th of July to qualify for the competition. Enter now with the winner receiving $500 cash and a trophy. Only 20 spots available… Hurry up!

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Competition Rules
  1. Eligibility for Entry: The Competition is open to any one aged 18 years or older. Persons aged under 18 but over 16 may compete with the permission and signature of a legal guardian (who must be present o
  2. To Enter: Carefully read the rules and entry form including the eligibility requirements and waiver of liability provisions, and submit the form below. A non-refundable entry fee of $20.00 must be submitted in order to register for the Competition and entry into the Competition will not be considered completed until payment is received
  3. Competition Rules: All participants will be provided with a 100 gram serving of spaghetti with Napolitana Sauce.
    Participants must wait for the starting signal to begin eating and may not touch the spaghetti prior to the starting signal. Participants are not permitted to use their hands and cannot accept external help or assistance during the competition.
    The participant who consumes the spaghetti, including all sauce, the fastest showing an open mouth (to confirm the spaghetti has been fully consumed) and a clean plate will be deemed the winner.
    Any participants that vomits within the competition period, or anyone who leaves the table will be disqualified. Winners will be decided by the judge nominated by the Cairns Italian Festival. The judge’s decision will be final. The Cairns Italian Festival reserves the right to disqualify any participant it deems unfit to participate without explanation.
    The winner will win $500.00 cash and a trophy.
  4. Acknowledgement of Risk and Waiver of Liability: Participants acknowledge that they voluntarily enter into the Competition and accept any risks associated with their participation in the Competition including but not limited to risks of personal injury, illness and possible loss of life, and risks of damage to or loss of personal property.
    The Participants release and indemnify the Cairns Italian Festival and their officers, employees volunteers, and agents from any claim, liability, damage, loss, or action arising from or in connection with their participation in the Competition or the receipt or use of any prize.

Entry cost is $20. After submitting the form, please make your payment to
Cairns Italian Festival
BSB: 484-799
Account Number: 56142 9914
Entering the name you have entered in the form as a reference. The entry to the competition will not be considered completed until payment is received.

You must enter prior to the 19th of July to qualify for the competition. Enter now with the winner receiving $500 cash and a trophy. Only 20 spots available… Hurry up!